Characters Background


We're outlaws. No place ​waiting for us back home, neh?

Gildas Byrne, former Holy Knight of New Xenobia

Gildas W. Byrne

Voice Actor: Adam Croasdell

Xenobian, 32.

Once served with the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of New Xenobia. A lover of drink and women, chivalry is not his strong point. However, he is also a dependable comrade who fights with great skill. Gildas and Mirdyn are followers of Lanselot, who was banished from Xenobia.

  • Denam Pavel, Walister Resistance member
  • Catiua Pavel, Walister Resistance member
  • Vyce Bozeck, Walister Resistance member
  • King Dorgalua Oberyth Valeria, the Late Dynasti-King of Valeria
  • Duke Juda Ronwey
  • Brantyn Morne, Regent of Valeria
  • Lanselot Tartaros, Captain of the Dark Knights Loslorien
  • King Leundar Balbatos, Galgastan
  • Lanselot Hamilton, former Captain of the Holy Knights of New Xenobia
  • Warren Omon, former leader of the Mages Regiment of New Xenobia
  • Canopus Wolph, former Captain of the Beast Legion of New Xenobia
  • Mirdyn Walhorn, former Holy Knight of New Xenobia
  • Gildas Byrne, former Holy Knight of New Xenobia